• We offer you several interpretation techniques which do not require any specific audiovisual equipment (interpreters’ booths, headsets, etc.).
  • Consecutive interpreting

    Interprétation consécutiveThe principle: this technique is time consuming and requires the interpreter’s concentration. He or she takes notes while the speaker talks for around ten minutes. Then the speaker ceases to talk so that the interpreter can summarize what he has said. Once the interpreter has finished, the speaker will continue to talk for around ten minutes and will then pause again allowing the interpreter to resume what has been said, and so on until the end of his presentation.
    Scope: presentations of services or products, press conferences, sales negotiations.

  • Liaison interpreting

    Interprétation de liaisonThe principle: the objective of this technique is to allow communication between people who speak different languages and come from different cultures. It is recommended for a limited number of participants. This kind of interpreting is ideal for rapid and efficient communication. The interpreter works at the pace and periodicity required by the speaker.
    Scope: business meetings, sales contacts, site inspections, foreign business trips, teleconferences.

  • Whispering interpreting

    Interprétation chuchotéeThe principle: whispering interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpreting which does not require any equipment. The interpreter is seated next to one or two participants and rather than speaking aloud, he resumes what the speaker has said by whispering.
    Scope: meetings, conferences when the number of participants requiring interpreting services is limited.

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